How do I care for my braids

Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

How do I care for my braids?       Can I shower with braids?         How to sleep with braids?

We want to try to give you a short answer to these questions:

How do I care for my braids?

Like all hair and hairstyles, braids need a little TLC to keep their shine and to last long.
Unless you're in the mining industry or working as a chimney sweep, it should be enough
if you wash your braids once a week. Unless absolutely necessary, you should not wash more often,
since every wash stresses the hair and the braids can therefore become matted or break more quickly.
You can use a clear, transparent shampoo for washing.
However, we recommend a special shampoo such as Profix Organics BRAIDS SHAMPOO
and for further care as Braids Spray.

How to sleep with braids

Yes, how do I get through the night so that I don't look like Struwellieschen or Struwwelpeter the next morning
to wake up?
Especially at night, the hair is extremely stressed, restless sleep back and forth, rough bed bunnies toss and turn
and and and damage the structure and appearance.
So you should definitely protect your hair / hairstyle with a tight-fitting headscarf or a sleeping cap.
But also make sure that it is satin or silk if possible, in order to protect the hair.
You can find the corresponding sleeping caps here.
If you master these tips, you will enjoy your braids for a long time and you can wear them for 6 to 8 weeks without any problems. After that, the roots are usually clearly visible because your own hair continues to grow.

Help !!!   i am losing hair

When you open your braids for the first time, the big shock will probably come.
In addition to the open braids, you are also holding hundreds of your own hairs that have fallen out and you will surely be horrified.
But that is quite natural, as everyone loses up to 100 hairs a day, and since these remain "trapped" in the braids, this adds up to 6,000 hairs in 8 weeks, which you hold in your hands in addition to the synthetic hair at once .