Brooches and pins

Brooches, badges and  pins  Are brooches fashionable again?
Oh, we know you from the good old days.
Grandma wore them, and so did the old aunt who came to visit twice a year and decorated her blouse like a medal.
For years it was dusty as a fashion accessory, but now, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it's super modern again!
Sheds your dusty image and appears stylish and modern and sets accents, also in a fresh, cheeky modern way

What are the advantages of brooches?

In addition to their decorative function, brooches can also have a practical use and are used as fasteners for ponchos and capes or large scarves and shawls. Fashionable accents can be set with brooches. The accessory comes into its own when the rest of the outfit looks reserved.

What types of badges are there?

Well there are brooches, pins, pins and there are pins.
They are made of a wide variety of materials, iron, brass, copper, aluminium, plastic or rubber.
They are available as a fashion accessory, for advertising purposes, as an award (Orders are often a pin) and as a sign of belonging to an organisation, a party, company or society


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